Vicki Greer

Hi, I'm a developer who loves clean & elegant code.

A little bit about me

I've been working in the tech world my entire career. Recently, I decided I want a new direction in my job, and I've been concentrating on front-end web development work. I'm having fun building my own websites, and making them look exactly the way I want them.

I enjoy taking complex problems or designs and turning them into clean, elegant solutions. When I'm not in front of the computer, you can find me reading funny and snarky science fiction and fantasy, working logic puzzles or playing Sudoku. I am also a devoted slave to my cat.

HTML icon

Hand-Coded HTML

My focus is writing clean, well formatted, semantic HTML5 by hand to make sure that the content is easy to read, collaborate on, trouble-shoot and understand.

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Well-Organized CSS

I pride myself on writing CSS that is easy to read and build on. I focus on keeping my CSS lean and fast to load, and I make it a habit to stay up to date on current best practices.

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Conversion from PSD into HTML

You can trust me to take a designer's PSD and quickly & accurately convert it into a web page or WordPress site that is a pixel-perfect match.